We recently connected with Morrisville-Yardley Rotary Club, Pennsylvania to successfully conclude three major projects.
Major portion of the contributions for these projects was from our Trust (
See link below for details:
Morrisville-Yardley Area Rotary Club

Current Rotary Projects Updates

Rotary Foundation approves Spine sugeries project in Maharashtra

Proposal for a Spine Surgeries project initiated by Rotary club South Bombay has been approved by Rotary Foundation, Chicago. The total project cost is about $60000.00. While the major portion of the funding came from South Bombay, Morrisville Yardley Rotary club with help from our trust contributed $1000.00 for this project.

Support to Orphanage/old age home

Tara, the name of the old age home in Bangalore, has been functioning for quite some time now, thanks to the help of well meaning philanthrophists... Recently our trust started an initiative to provide lunch monthly to all the inmates. On the occasion of Dussehra last year, they were all provided dresses. Photos below were taken on that occasion.


IIT PG 79 Charity Initiative

Several of our friends who were batch mates in IIT Madras(1979) came together and launched an initiative to help those in need. Details are below:

Project # 1: Provide needed funds to educate students ‌initially in the middle schools from Hyderabad and Calcutta.
Our partners:

Project # 2 : Provide funds to help differently abled women to develop the skills needed to start a small business such that they can own the business and earn a livelihood.
1. Siddam Sandyarani is a person afflicted with Cerebral Palsy. She needed funds to start a xerox center.
2. Indira, Left limb affected by polio, needed funds to start a tiffin center.


In partnership with "Uplift a child" organization ( based out of Maryland, USA, Paramahamsa Trust (International) has launched a new activity to educate children from K–12, from kindergarten to 12th grade in India and abroad free of cost.
Paramahamsa Trust based in USA manages the international operations for Sriramachandran Trust based in India.

Prior to enrolling these children, background checks are completed that establishes the need by talking to the children’s parents who are unable to afford. Further there is a quarterly follow up that tracks the progress of the students by directly talking with the school principal/teacher and ensuring funds are utilized properly.
So far, about 50 children have been educated across the world in various grades from K–12 and the list is growing.


HELPING THE HELPLESS (individual beneficiaries):

The person below serving as a security guard in our hospital in Bangalore developed sudden paralysis in both his legs and needed emergency help. He also lost functioning of both his kidneys. Realizing his dire need, our SRT members quickly made arrangements to shift him to a nationally recognized hospital and met all the initial expenses until the diagnosis was complete.
Likewise the lady below serving as a helper in our hospital developed multiple sclerosis symptoms abruptly and had to be rushed for specialized emergency treatment.



Starting 2019 we have tied up with Sri Shankara National Centre for Cancer Prevention & Reasearch (nccpr) in bangalore.
With our funding a male patient in an advanced stage of stomach cancer received treatment recently and is recovering well; Also a breast cancer patient in her advanced stages received timely treatment from us and is recovering fast.
Projections for 2020:
Approximately another 100 patients are expected to benefit from our continued association with Sri Shankara Cancer centre.



Our partner BKF has started a new initiative to conduct early screening in school children in/around Bangalore/Mysore to unearth potential kidney problems.
Through our private resources we are actively supporting this initiative. Details are below.
Projections for 2020:
5000 more school children from the interior parts of Karnataka are expected to be covered in the prevention project.
Updates for 2018: Another 1000 children from various schools in Bangalore underwent the initial screening and the plan is to cover 4000 more by 2019.
In 2017: Prevention program for 2400 children (of which 7.7% of children were prone to potential renal problems) was conducted in November 2017. A longitudinal follow up on these children to ensure that they become healthy citizens is in the works (see photos below)..



Water Project: Providing clean drinking water to about 2000 people in a village in Gujarat. This project utilizes pulsed light techniques to remove all contaminants and provide potable, drinking water.

Self sustaining hospitals: Developing hospitals (Eye care, Dialysis) in select villages in Karnataka through initial funding (providing equipment, training etc) to self sustain in the longer run.

Mobile hospital: A mobile hospital to cover innermost villages and having basic facilities in Karnataka is in the planning stages and intended for deployment in 2020.



Updates for 2019: 100 more patients underwent Free dialysis at BKF, Bangalore. More than 50% have returned to normal work.
Updates for 2018: A total of 100 patients underwent dialysis treatments. Out of this 70% were BPL (below poverty line), 30% were senior citizens and 30% women.
Updates for 2017 (year to date): 75 more patients successfully underwent dialysis treatments. Majority of those treated have returned to active work.
25 new patients underwent Dialysis treatments in the month of June in Bangalore. 75 more is planned to be before the end of the year. More than 50% of patients who underwent Dialysis treatment in 2016 have resumed their normal day to day work.
Updates for 2016: We completed free Dialysis for another 100 patients with major funding from Tata Trusts, Mumbai.
We conducted a Dialysis camp for more than 300 patients in the week of July 27, 2015 in partnership with Bangalore Kidney Foundation ( We will continue to address this important segment as an ongoing activity.



Updates for 2019:
Eye camps:
A total of 800 more eye surgeries were completed in 2019. The following villages were in the mix:
Maski, Hanumasagara, Lingasugur in Raichur district, Karnataka. All of them have recovered their vision fully.
Updates for 2018 (year to date): Overall for the year 2018 about 900 surgeries have been completed in different parts of Karnataka with 100% results. Details below:
Surpura (06-7-2018) -151
Raichur (27-7-2018) -301
H.B Halli (03-8-2018) -191
Hanumasagara (17-8-2018) - 87
Devadurga (21-9-2018) -164
Total -894
Updates for 2017 (year to date): 600 more surgeries were completed by end Dec 2017. All patients have recovered full vision.
June 2017: We recently completed 200 IOL surgeries at Hanamasagara district, Karnataka.
We are on target to finish 600 more surgeries by Dec 2017.
Last year (2016) all 827 patients who received IOL help from us have got back their vision.
Updates for 2016: We completed about 600 free IOL surgeries in all..
(500 through Tata Trusts, Mumbai and 100 through private resources)
Aug 2016: In the month of Aug 2016, as part of our ongoing expansion activities (through our network of private resources), we partnered with Sharada Eye and Dental Care, Bangalore and completed another 50 IOL surgeries and provided eyeglasses to about 50 school children.