Since its inception, Sri Ramachandran Trust has played a stellar role in transforming traditional ideas of charity and introducing the concept of philanthropy through proven partners to make a real difference to communities. Through co-partnership and direct implementation, the trust has filled a void to address the needs of the needy in healthcare by reaching out to the remotest villages.



  • Free Eye surgery camps in the remotest villages of Karnataka
  • Dialysis care for the needy in Bangalore

(Supported by Tata Trusts, Mumbai since Jan 2016... See Sri Ramachandran Trust listed under
List of Partners- HEALTH AND NUTRITION (Pg 20) in the Tata Trusts Annual Report 2015-16)


  • Global Grant Projects through Rotary connection
  • Free education to children in under privileged countries
  • Free medicines to the sick & Blood donation drives
  • Food service (Narayana Seva)

We would like to express our grateful thanks for the support and contributions of the following organizations and individuals:

Tata Trusts, Mumbai
Howard Mclivine, VP Operations, Unex Corporation, USA
Sam Thevanayagam, President, Parts Life Inc, USA
Ricardo Gonzalez, COO, Diversified Industries Inc, USA
Badri Gulur, Director, SAI International
H N Srinivas, VP, HR, Indian Hotels, India
B G Dwaraknath, Formerly COO, Titan Industries, Bangalore
T. Krishnaswamy, Formerly Propreitor, Industrial Stickers, Chennai